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Haywood Christain Academy's Players with Unique Gifts and Talents
Glenn Belden becomes our Master Club Fitter and Designer
Glenn Belden really likes what we are teaching! WE are forming a new association his second generation Belden's Golf Company that takes our Holistic Golf Performance Systems (TM) to the highest Tour Spec's level. It gives us the ability to give players a COMPLETE-Custom Fitting and Club Design Technologies and even Enhanced-Electronic Swing Evaluation that takes 2 and 1/2 hours. With the dwindling number of fully certified and experienced master club fitters and designers we can uniquely now service all players even up to the level of Tour Specification Quality (TSQ)! As a matter of fact, the man who certified Glenn to do what he does, many years ago.  built Payne Stewart's last set of golf clubs before he passed away.

Since most golfers are not optimally healthy we offer Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching along with other treatment modalities so you can think right and act right and feel right ON and OFF the golf course and practice areas.  WE take Golf and Therapeutic Treatments and Therapeutic Education to the highest known levels. WE have a current LEARNER who aspires to go the PGA Tour  and also players who are just beginners.

WE are looking forward to seeing where we can take this association together. WE offer the the truly-best way "build a bag", over time AND build an injury free-holistic golf swing simultaneously. WE help players to discover their "Natural healing Solutions" to their health and mental challenges at the same time. PLAYING GOOD GOLF TAKES MENTAL CLARITY AND FOCUS. 

#THEIMMERSIONEXPERIENCE-Leave your current context to get away. This will enable you to focus and learn how to play better and get more healthy again. 

Come and have FUN while you study and practice and play on some of our beautiful golf courses. Go to some specialized fitness facilities.  Bring a spouse or a friend for NO additional FEES. Start your journey to playing better golf and becoming more healthy and happy! Why wouldn't you? Let's Do This!

  1. Tom Robins, 13 Handicap
    Tom Robins, 13 Handicap
    Did you know that if your walk 9 holes of golf you will probably play better golf performance and scores and have better holistic health? Get good enough so that you want to play in a USGA sanctioned amateur tournament near you... Let's do this!
  2. Lisa Smith, 24 Handicap
    Lisa Smith, 24 Handicap
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  3. Tanya Barnes, 36 Handicap
    Tanya Barnes, 36 Handicap
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  4. Tim Wong, 6 Handicap
    Tim Wong, 6 Handicap
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Our clents love our services

Convenient  Locations

Play 9 Holes-Better yet, walk a quick 9 holes

Experienced and Best in Class-Innovative Preparation

WE help you mke YOUR location a prime location for learning. WE help to expand your mind and consciousness and encourage you to let go of limiting and false beliefs (Ideagenic Disease). As WE are creating "community" around the FUN and Holistic Health Practices  AND Bowman Health's- Holistic Golf Performance Systems (TM), we empower you to let go of the "familiars" and even a crappy golf game.

As WE Grow the Game of Golf through showing families how to become more Holistic Families, you can enjoy receiving your "Natural Healing Solutions" and develop your injury-free "Natural Golf Swing", at the same time. Let's see what you will do with your new found lifestyle of healthy longevity. Have more FUN and enjoy the journey! Schedule your NO FEE Initial Health History to day by going to Http:// MN161.
In the spirit of the USGA's ReadyGolf, the idea here is to get more people out on the course, learning the game of golf, and becoming a student of the game and excelling at playing the game and using your current handicap to be competitive with ANY player that you may play with.
As you are playing golf and having moreFUN it makes being in the gym on-purpose, along with more fruits and vegetables, more water, less red meat, and more agreeable relationships that include active spiritual practices...
and GIVING YOUR BODY, MIND, SOUL, and SPIRIT, half a chance to heal (and since the right food changes everything)...then voila", we have created a ripple effect together that will change our world!! While you are at it take better care of your skin. Try this:
IF you have Eczema or Psoriasis if you nourish the external part of your body with Nourishing Oils like  Sunflower and especially  Neem oil.
Irritations that need to alleviate dryness from very mild forms of eczema experiment by smearing dabs of bioeffective ingredients on the face/eye area with nourishing not only Sunflower and Neem oils, but add a little bit of Chamomile and Turmeric. This will not irritate the eyes.
IF you are wondering what the real magic oil is it IS NEEM! It helps support all Skin Types and even Problem Skin and associated skin conditions. What IF you have  irritation and blemishes? Mix togethe Basil and Lavender with the Neem Oil. Keep it handu for cuts and scrapes too.
Sun senseitive skin? Mix Neem and Rose Oils together and even put it in a light base of Zinc Oxide. Try these natural protective and healing mixtures.
Remember, particularly in the Southeasten US,-South of Atlanta-good enough sun exposure in the Winter months is needed. The sun needs to pass at a high enough degree above the horizon to give you enough Vitamin D producing sunlight- with NO sunscreen on. After 30 minutes or so it should be safe to put on any sunscreen and then you will have already made enough Vitamin D for the day. As your body detoxes and normalizes it's blood and tissue chemistry your skin should become less photo-sensitive.
We will help you to see the home team advantage of preparing better and smarter  than most better players and even many professionals. You will not be bored and you will be more productive, no matter what your lifestyle and type of work you do.

FIRST GET YOUR SWING ANALYSIS AND CUSTOM CLUB FITTING. THE SESSION IS OVER 2 AND 1/2 HOURS AND COSTS $25 FOR JUNIORS AND $50 FOR ADULTS. THEN "BUILD A BAG", OVER TIME FROM THE GREEN OUT TO THE TEE BOX. THIS WILL SAVE TIME, MONEY AND ESPECIALLY FRUSTRATION! You will get tips and drills right from the start. Then, we schedule 9 hole "NET Impact-Playing Lessons". WE teach you the game from start to finish from tee to green and how to think right, act right and FEEL right.
One of our  unique sub-specialties is in Biochemical and Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health and  Addiction Recovery. You might think that sugar addiction is not a problem. If you don't think it is a problem, then you are probably mistaken. Saacharine Disease-starts a degenerative process that effects your body, mind, soul and spirit. After you experience how to go through your bio individualized real time drug-free brain repair, you will think, act, and feel significantly  different!
Our flexible "Peer Leader"-Group Model
 We have access to the best of the best here in Central Florida and especially when it is imperative to round out the team of practitiners and coaches to realistically do so. We help to awaken the holistic leader that is inside you as we support your efforts to take care of your body (the "temple" that GOD gave you,and those most important to you. By the way, if you don't take care of the temple, then where are you going to live??
We utilize flexible planning and implementation to strategically meet the current expected needs of people that are both foreseen and even plan for the unexpected.  We are constantly learning and upgrading treatment protocols, policies and procedures.  Oh and by the way, it is not all about the money either. That can be the death of any enterprise.
The goal here is to attract and keep clients progressing. We are happiest when applying ourselves to what we have faith in. The placebo effect in human beings is so effective that "Placebo Medicine" is being integrated into the new Evolution of Medicine. Even pharmaceutical companies are charged with beating 'placebo" in the clinical trials. This range is between 18-80%! Many times the drug being tested cannot out perform the placebo. The trial fails. Here is the principal that we want to submit to you:
YOUR BELIEF IN THE PRACTITIONER and the philosophy of those educational principles are extremely important to your success. Since we are made for achievement, let's not forget how much that has going for us in our "pursuit of happiness".  A core belief that one of our Founders has was spending quality time while playing golf with his father for decades, has huge ramifications. KNOWING is attained with the uniting of Elemental Relationships with Spiritual Relationships via the Law of resonance and Affinity. Then you discover the "Way of Health".  

Golf is inherently a high character and integrity sport. So character and integrity are naturally developed within the life of the individual who applied him or herself to skill building and the intricate Rules of the Game. The first time we saw this was in a school's golf team and they could finally find a sport that they could successfully compete in. Their brains became even more important than their bodily capabilities. So, in the 21st Century, golf has become an athletic sport requiring bodily bio physical training to meet its mental counterpart. Your contribution to the high character Game of Golf and to the health and fitness aspects of the game will factor into amazing benefits as you transform yourself first (as a leader) and then your "Holistic Family"!


WE as a team endeavor to engage you as an individual and want to make a NET Impact (TM) on your life and have been hoping and praying that you would be brought into our lives, "for such a time as this". As you begin to learn more holistic nutrition health practices and you begin to think, axct, and feel like the person GOD created you for; we know that you can gain enough confidence to know enough that you will become UNSTOPPABLE! And so it can be with the Game of Golf. We agree with the USGA, in that what we are doing is "For the Good of the Game".
So what will you do with your new-found health? How will you enrich your family? Many fathers have traditionally taught the game of golf to their sons and grandsons. Now it is being taught by MOM's to their sons and daughters (and neices and nephews). LPGA Legend Pat Bradley has had amazing influence on her nephew Keegan Bradley, on the PGA Tour! He is currently the #15 world ranked men's player in the world. 
 As we assist you in creating the lifestyle of your dreams, you can expect...
  • Many different levels of Coaching and Teaching
  • Accommodation assistance if you have overnight stays
  • Golf Club Tee times booked in advance
  • Various Holistic Health and Nutrition options
  • All Year Round Golf
  • Option to play PGA Tour Grade Courses
  • Option to play in  a 1 or 2 day FSGA Tournament event
  • Holistic Health Kitchen and Health Food Store only options
  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Junior Plus Parent Holistic Golf options (time together-get it?)
  • Weekend Immersion Programs
  •  Couples Holistic Golf Transformation (walks on the beach too)
  • Same day Fly-In Fly out options
  • Detox and Spa Options for Non Golfers
  • Car rentals arranged for personal travel if needed
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