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The Perfect Way to Find Your "Natural Healing Solutions" and to Develop Your "Natural Golf Swing"

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About Us
WE have not arrived, and are a work in progress from our websites to our private and professial practices. WE are all about living a low-stress holistic lifestyle! There is no right or wrong way to become the best you unless you are violating your inner conscience and the GOD- given inalienable rights and priveliges of yourself and others. We advise clients to reprioritize their lives so that they can practice sustainable holistic practices. WE teach people to "crowd out the bad with the good". WE are friendly and approachable and balance between being informative, personable, professional. and WE promise to keep our word and to show you HOW to...
  • commit to learning how to live a more abundant life
  • become truly well-body, mind, spirit, and soul
  • become MORE mindful of your body-mind-spirit/soul constitution and to nourish them
  • become more honest to yourself and others
  • develop holistic health practices that will support you in your best environment
  • find your own bio individual "Natural Healing Solutions"
  • develop your "Natural Golf Swing" that is part of having life long FUN and being part of "the thinking man/women's game" 
Since WE are licensed health care professionals and sports enthusiists, WE support the traditional medical model and the ancient game of golf at various levels, however if you are honest, there is always room for improvement. WE as holistic health, wellness and fitness leaders, choose to lead by example. Since leading by example is not the main thing; it is the only thing! We attract people who want to develop their character and integrity which effects every area of their lives including the Game of Golf. 
Since we can demonstrate to any prudent person that if you cannot sleep a really deep and regenerative sleep of 7-9 hours, that you will not become well or stay well for a full lifespan, then you will see how having a clear conscience goes a long way toward becoming truly healthy. If you think right and act right then you will truly feel right. 
Who are we and what are we all about? 


Cool Bars

Group Booking

Golf lessons

All Inclusive

At Bowman Health's-Holistic Golf Performance Systems (TM) WE are excited about giving our associates and clients and families the "very best practices" that are currently available. WE are open to constant process evaluation and constant improvement. Our goals are in concrete but our plans are in sand.
All of our team mates have an ability to teach and to coach develop your skills to reach your potential. WE utilize "duplicatible" (that pretty much anyone can do) practice facilities and use and encourage others to upgrade their home kitchens (as learning labs), home golf studios (part of their's or a friend's garages) courses, and practice ranges and fitness , . WE teach people how to inexpensively duplicate equipment and practices into their kitchens and garages and extra bedrooms of their local contexts. The idea here is to not waste resources by trying to rebuild a full service gym and fitness facilities and olympic size swimming pools.  WE train for results in areas like "Balance Stabilization endurance training" (neuromuscular coordination) and even teach holistic recipes that will help you to treat your food as medicine and your medicine as food, as Hippocrates said over 2400 years ago.
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Meet the Team

WE are a home team that has goals and dreams and we realize that if we help enough people get what they want that we will live our dreams!
  1. Dr Paul Bowman Jr
    Dr. Bowman is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Coaches in the area s of Integrative Nutrition, Golf Performance and Personal Training.
  2. Rosemary Bowman, RN
    Rosemary Bowman is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Nurse, and Nursing Leadership Developer.